There is nothing opposing us

Much of the human experience has been exploring helplessness in its various forms. We experience needing work to have the resources to live, and feel the powerlessness in the belief that someone else decides whether we have income. We create government out of fear that an unordered world will destroy us, then feel helpless against this vast thing we have created. Perhaps most poignantly we create bodies, and accidents and diseases that end them.

With all of these we externalize the source of our helplessness, and the first step in remembering our actual power is often to fight against these external projections. Even though we are moving in the opposite direction from the state of being we are reaching for, this fight is a helpful exploration. In fighting we focus our awareness intensely on the limitation, and this allows us to really explore the projection in minute detail.

In the end there is nothing in reality that opposes us, nothing that kills us or limits us in any way. This fighting is often the last and deepest stage of a particular exploration, and the surrender that often follows is the being done with it.

I find it helpful to remember that I will never actually defeat anything I fight against, as I am just fighting against myself and I am indestructible. Remembering this allows me to relax, and in the ease widen my gaze and take in the experience in an integrated, whole way.

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3 Responses to There is nothing opposing us

  1. Coop Poop says:

    Amazing. Thank you! I was pondering the same thing this morning and your blog materialized. Really…

  2. Coop Poop says:

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  3. Joyisnow says:

    Damon you are a genius. I absolutely treasure your words. I am in awe. You are truly enlightened and I have so much to learn from you.

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